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We are building a parents-friendly workplace. Join us.

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Hello, we are parentsIN is the only private membership network focused on connecting talented professionals that value career and family integration.

Here you can be 100% yourself and collaborate with people that share your values and know that career and life balance is the new competitive advantage.

Join us and take off living career and family together, better. 

What you will find

At parentsIN you will find:  

 🚀 Community Groups: Accelerate your career with like-minded talented professionals. A meeting point with potential employers, partners, professionals and market experts who truly understand what it's like to live career and family together and are committed to build a parents-friendly workplace. 

 🙌Member Meetups: If you seek professional and career guidance, look no further. Here you will find a guide to walk your career with mentors with international experience who understand your moment and empower you to unlock your #parentpower, set professional goals and take your career to the next level living career and family together better.   

❤️ Workshops & Conversations: Are you also tired of browsing through several channels to find relevant content to boost your professional aspirations and find better ways to improve your career/family balance? We know that Time, for us parents, is the most valuable and limited resource,  each minute counts, so we hand-picked only the most relevant and evidence-based content, top courses and solutions for you to have at your fingertips the best resources to live career and family together better, your way.   

🤩 Peer Support: You are not alone. You will find an international community of parents and allies who share your values and live like you, daily balancing career and family, to share experiences, learn, be inspired, strengthen networking, build support systems and empowerment ❤️.

You are Welcome

We are working hard to get the new parentsIN experience ready for everyone!

While we wrap up the finishing touches, we are adding people gradually to make sure each member has the best experience and the peer support with the right match to live career career and family together better.

Anyone can join with an invite from an existing parentsIN member - or you can join our waiting list and we will text you if you have a friend in parentsIN who can let you in.

We are so grateful you are here and we can't wait to have you join!

Join the waiting list to reserve your spot ;-)

Questions? Contact us -> [email protected]

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